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The Assassin Princess A Step into Darkscape
Introducing the Assassin Princess novels

Starting with The Assassin Princess, the Assassin Princess novels beckon you into a world of many layers, each a different reality. Ami, a young artist, finds herself in the company of powerful, mystical unicorns and a host of mysterious characters, exploring the magical layers of both good and evil. They adventure into the dark unknown, shaking the very fabric of existence.

Exciting, epic fantasy adventures through limitless realities... A new legacy begins.

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a step into darkscape

A Step into Darkscape


Power breathes between the trees and the old shack lifts upon dead limbs...and Ami is drawn toward the dark magic, discovering another place just beyond the veil.

But when she is taken captive by an order of men, who serve a beautiful and dangerous tower-bound goddess, she must try to escape.

But beneath the layers, something turns.

Together with her companions, Hero, Raven and Florence, Ami confronts the mysteries of her own legend and comes face to face with the deadliest of adversaries: Romany.

the assassin princess

The Assassin Princess


An artist, a fantasist, a student, a girl...yet when Ami is stolen from her world and pursued by a malevolent stranger, she finds out she is no mere girl, and a dormant magic stirs.

She is off to the land of Legacy, to rule as princess, to save the city from its thirty year ruin; but always in the shadow is her dark foe, biding his time, invading her thoughts...

A storm is coming and the thunder rolls, but which side will Ami choose when all is revealed and the battles for power and Legacy begin?